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news august 2010

Sep.05, 2010

Liene & Kristaps go to Estonia.
Jean Faure working on new material.
Kristaps arranging songs for Joanna Gypser and Matt Dorian.
Recording guest musicians for the Lokal Heroes album.
Kristaps taking part on the OST Hexe Lily 2.

news july 2010

Jul.07, 2010

Liene& Kristaps will take a trip to Sweden to rehearse and rest a while. No Concerts until September!
Liene has written some new music.
The new album recordings start in september, too.
Lokal Heroes recordings take the final turn.
Kristaps is the producer of a symphonic recording in Heidelberg at 09. July, watch details here.

news june 2010

May.26, 2010

Liene & Kristaps take part in the recording workshops at the Akademie in Trossingen, Germany.
Kristaps does an arrangement workshop in Waldorf.
Jean Faure in the studio.
Lokal Heroes in the studio.
The next Sejane & Grasis album will come this fall – rehearsals start now!.

news january 2010

Jan.12, 2010

Kristaps plays in the Mr. Scrooge Musical.
The Lokal Heroes recording sessions continue.
Hugh Featherstone and the Lokal Heroes will be playing together in the Harmonie in Bonn.

news june 2009

Jun.20, 2009

Recording sessions for the upcumming album

news april 2009

Apr.17, 2009

L&K record albums with whistle player Ralf Wolfgarten, multiinstrumentalist Matthias Höhn and guitarist and composer Ralf Bauer.
Kristaps becomes an official endorser for GODIN guitars

news february 2009

Feb.17, 2009

L&K play for a recording workshop in Waldorf
L&K record the German version of the One-Eyed Wolf, wich will feature 3 new tracks from the new One-Eyed wolf book by Juris Kronbergs

news august 2008

Aug.17, 2008

Serious rehearsing for the upcoming tour to Sweden.
The second album with Juris Kronbergs is recorded in Germany

news august 2006

Aug.17, 2006

Liene and Kristaps record new tracks for the One-Eyed Wolf Band and play concerts with the Lokal Heroes

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