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news february 2009

Feb.17, 2009

L&K play for a recording workshop in Waldorf
L&K record the German version of the One-Eyed Wolf, wich will feature 3 new tracks from the new One-Eyed wolf book by Juris Kronbergs

news september 2008

Sep.17, 2008

Together with bassplayer Wendel Biskup, and percussionist Mike Haarman L&K play some concerts in Sweden, where also the whole One-Eyed Wolf Orchestra joins in.
The second album with Juris Kronbergs “Hötorghallen” is out in Sweden

news june/july 2008

Jul.17, 2008

Once again in Latvia L&K play some concerts with their “One-Eyed Wolf Orchestra”

news march 2008

Mar.17, 2008

Together with Juris Kronbergs L&K play at the bookfair in Riga, where the One-Eyed Wolf is published, with some new tracks.
They represent VIOLET-MICs at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

news january 2008

Jan.17, 2008

Liene & Kristaps continue work on the second One-Eyed Wolf Band album with poet Juris Kronbergs.
They have become endorsers for JZ microphones, too.

news april 2007

Apr.17, 2007

The musical poem “One-Eyed Wolf” by Juris Kronbergs and Kristaps Grasis will be published in Estonia. Due to that Liene & Kristaps will perform with Juris Kronbergs and the complete One-Eyed-Wolf Band.

news september 2006

Sep.17, 2006

Liene and Kristaps reunite again with Juris Kronbergs and the full One-Eyed Wolf Band, and Tour Latvia, togehter with guitarist Gundars Rullis from Stockholm. They perform their Musical Poem and new work.

news august 2006

Aug.17, 2006

Liene and Kristaps record new tracks for the One-Eyed Wolf Band and play concerts with the Lokal Heroes

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